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Let me start a discussion here by marking a few instances of my own life which motivated me to create this blog. Born in a small remote village of Chamba District of HP, my parents are god-fearing people with a strong belief in humanity. Not much educated, my father is a literate person and used to read all books like Ramayana, Mahabharta, Bhagwad Gita, Vishnu Purana, Shiv Purana, Garud Purana, and many more such books. These books became my childhood friend and my parents motivated me to achieve something unique and different in life. I used to assist my father in plowing and other crop and harvesting related activities from an early age. We are five children of my parents and all were supportive of all the house-hold activities.

We were many friends studying in 2nd, 3rd standards and had full joyous life and many others were far more brilliant than me. Some were academically sound, some in singing, dancing, athletics, and other sports. I had tough competition with my class-mates but to my surprise, I started seeing a consistent downfall in the performances of few of my friends consistently with the passage of time and by the time we reached 6th standard, many of my dearest friends who were really excellent in different fields including academics left the school.

When I tried to know the reasons why such things were happening in their lives, I could fetch the shocking real hard facts of inside-stories of my friends and here I wish to enlighten you a bit about such tragic situations here.

On inquiring tactfully, some of my friends told me that their parents often say that they are very poor and won’t be able to fund their further education. Others said that their parents say that studying is not good as children after attaining higher academic qualifications may get employment outside and in that case who will look after them in the times of old-age? Few told that their parents say that if they study and get employment the land-holding they had will remain un-utilized. Some of my friends, I saw them falling in the company of so-called bad social elements who persuaded them to consume toxic substances in such early days of life. In some cases, I could see that some teachers proved to be billions for a few students and they left school forever.

So in a nut-shell what I am trying to make -a point here that who are the people who write the destiny of the young minds which are like freshly plowed fertile land and it depends on the farmer what to sow in it…the seeds of a poisonous plant or a nectar plant. Whatever the farmer will sow in the land, the land will return back the same. The land has nothing to do with the seeds whether these are of poison or nectar, whatever will be sown it will return back the same. The same is the story of virgin minds of our young ones, which are comparable with the fresh and highly fertile land, capable of returning high yields of whatever is sown into it.

My concern here is that most of the parents are sowing poison in the young virgin minds of their young wards. Whatever they discuss in the presence of child, the subconscious mind gets activated and it starts adopting the same content discussed before him or here, and later it decides the destiny of the child. My parents used to discuss and tell me that I must study as much as I can and reach the top and they will do whatever would be required for me to reach success and I could succeed to the desired extent.

My friend’s parents used to discuss in his presence that they are poor so he won’t be able to fund his higher studies, so he left studies with falling grades from the top.

keeping in view these few important facts I started this BLOG and the core idea of my studies here is to address this crucial problem of “How to Engineer the Virgin Mind of a Child” and turn him into a great warrior of life and help him/her to exploit the full potential of life.

My blog will address both types of people, the young ones and the parents and even all the people.

Empowering the young minds had been the core concern during my 25 years long career as an officer in the Govt and wherever or whenever I found an opportunity to interact with youngsters, I tried to make them understand that they are a unique piece of art of God on this earth and he /she should try to understand the true meaning of this beautiful but short life.

It’s worthwhile to mention here that this is my pure VOLUNTARY initiative and no-way BLOG is going to be linked for any kind of monetary benefit. This is a part of my efforts to achieve my goal of life i.e. EMPOWERING THE YOUTH in an all-round manner.

So keep reading my blog which will address problems concerning our Young ones. Of course, last but not least please subscribe and get associated with my present effort and let us create a new social order in the times to come…

Stay Tuned … Jai Hind

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