Fasten the Neck Band of Your Dog

Fasten the Neck Band of Your Dog

Most of the rich people of present times, keep very costly pet dogs and it won’t be out of place if I say that this has become the symbol of the elite class.  Pet shops are flourishing like never before in recent times. Although, this is not a new hobby and even our ancestors have had pet dogs but they were part of the family as a very dear member and like every member of the family the dog was there to help in protecting the family from un-known people around, squandering uselessly and the dog had the duty of signaling some un-foreseen trouble around in the form of a thief or un-identified person.

But if we look at the trends of raring dogs in modern times, the scenario has altogether undergone a paradigm shift. It symbolizes a higher status or financially richer people as the puppies of various varieties are sold at high cost in the market. They live more lavish lifestyles and treated in the best possible manner even better than that of parents who are treated in some families. The young children in many families do not like their grandparents rather they love their pets more. These pets are fed a highly nutritious and balanced diet which is amazingly high priced. They get the best health care and even on becoming a little allergic, a costly veterinarian is arranged to look after and diagnose the problem. The Children these high-class families mostly consume junk food but not the pets. The pets are served good quality foods and all other costly health care.

Dogs are taken out for regular morning walk but if there is no dog in the family everybody avoids going out for a walk despite the knowledge that walking is vital for human health and regular walking is better than doing any physical exercises but it is considered important for a pet dog at home in comparison to the human beings.

Young woman with her dog walking in the forest

This means that it is because of the pet dog that we go out in the morning and had the dog been not there in the family, no one would have gone out for a walk. I can further make you understand the fact better that while carrying the dog on a walk, the master has to suddenly stop walking wherever the dog stops, and the master can’t stop if the dog is moving faster. So, here the crux of my discussion is THE MASTER (the person who is keeping the dog) has taken place of SERVANT (the Dog) and SERVANT (the dog) has occupied the role of MASTER.

The facilities, services, and care that a child and the old-aged persons in the family should have received, is received by the pet in the family and AMAZINGLY the entire or most of the family members are working under the influence of the pet dog.

Therefore I have very closely observed this behavior in present elite families and found the shocking fact that MASTER has become a SERVANT or DOG and SERVANT or DOG has occupied the place of MASTER, exchanging the role in modern times

You must be wondering why I am discussing this entire story here so minutely? And what actually I am trying to explain, many of you must be thinking out of context here.

Now lets us come to the crux of the discussion above. I wish to tell you that our BRAIN gifted by LORD ALMIGHTY is the most powerful and unique gift ever, only given to humans on this planet. No other living beings possess such a unique gift on the earth with amazing power inside. The reason for gifting such a highest valued product to human beings is God’s expectation from them to ensure the well-being of all creatures and other living fellow beings here. LORD created a man with high expectations to create a conducive environment so that every creature could attain the highest potential. And it is evident from researches of many institutions of repute that the human mind is still a mystery and no research has on it has reached the final stage. It is thus so powerful and infinite like space where there exists no definite idea as to how many galaxies and what kind of atmosphere and living beings are in existence beyond the space of earth planet. The space above our head is still unexplored and it is still a mystery and similarly, the human brain is.  The human brain has the potential to accomplish the highest levels of development on this planet.

A man sleeping on chair

For that matter, we can take an example of many famous personalities who started their lives from humble beginnings but by control of BRAIN, they could attain the highest levels of development and now treated as icons in modern society. Sh. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Mother Teresa, Dhirubhai  Ambani, and many more who made a little good use of their brain and reached the highest potential in their lifetime.

The question now arises as to how they could reach their potential and achieve great things in life is that they do not let their brain loose like most of us on this planet is doing. They did not allow their brain to sit on commanding position as MASTER as the pet dogs in modern families have become but they established such practices, adopted certain sets of habits and strong discipline, and trained their DOG i. e BRAIN to obey what they say, like an obedient pet dog. They never allowed it to wander un-necessarily rather trained it to accomplish only those tasks which they ask it to do.

These successful persons carved the specific role for their brain like our past generations had assigned for their pet dogs and they were not allowed to go astray.

The central theme of our present-day trouble, restlessness, failure, doubts, being not able to think logically, develop ourselves to reach our highest potential, misery, suicidal tendencies, poverty, etc. is that we have allowed our BRAIN to become our MASTER, same as the Elite families have done in case of their pet dogs. We have lost the position of MASTER and have become its SERVANTS. We are obeying our brain at every step and it never allows us to change our habits for betterment. It has held us tight to stay at one specific position in society, may it be our income level, status, physical or mental health, etc. Whenever you plan to move ahead to change or travel higher, it objects and drags you back to the same position. It does not allow you to travel beyond the zone of comfort and pulls you back by holding from the collar to sit back in the same position.

What is needed here is that you need to develop the inner strength to the next level and need to be strong at every step. You need to make plans and assign your brain a specific task and ask it to go and fetch it for you. It needs strict and specific orders as it doesn’t understand the mess.

Actually, you, by mistake have assigned it small tasks and it has become habitual of performing small things for you though it has the potential to perform greater achievements for you, which you as a MASTER need it to ask and command it. BRAIN by its nature gets attracted to simple and easy things but in reality, it can achieve the highest levels of human development on the earth and only the human mind is something which can ensure the holistic development of all the living beings on the earth.

Now what we need to do to keep our brain on right track is to develop a high level of awareness to monitor its activities so that we are able to check it as where it is going and what it is asking us to do. We must very intelligently supervise its movements with the tool of awareness only.

If we wish to keep our pet dog in control we just need to keep vigil over its movements, so that it does not run out of our control and tie a strong strap to its neck and hold the other end of the strap in our hands and in case your dog tries to go out of your control, you must pull the strap and bring your dog back to you.

Dog pulling man

Developing and practicing a high level of AWARENESS is the most potent tool to control your BRAIN in the day to day manner. You must not forget about what your BRAIN is doing and how is it functioning, and if in any case, it starts going out of the track, just pull it back and ask it not to do that particular activity which you don’t wish to do for your progress in life. So in my view, as I am practicing myself too, is keeping myself aware since the time I get out of the bed and place my first step on the floor. How does my brain command me when I just break my sleep for the start of a new day? It asks me not to get up as its too early and asks me to enjoy a little more sleep. It also commands me that all others are sleeping and why are you not availing this opportunity. It further tells me that let someone else get up first then you can leave the bed afterward. It goes saying further that it’s still dark outside and it’s not good to go out in dark for a walk so keep yourself in bed. It may also tell me many times that you should give break sometimes in between from routine tasks and today you must take a break.

Oh, my God, if I make its logic applicable in my life, I will be ruined in an all-round manner, financially, health-wise, mentally, and even emotionally. But I never listen to its commands and do everything against its command. Now you can imagine how much courage you need to act against its commands. One needs to be highly bold. So my awareness to watch the movements of my BRAIN and hold it tight by performing the action is the only potent tools in the hands of every human being and in case he is able to keep vigilant and bold to say NO to its commands nobody will stop you from reaching the next level.

Only the tool of AWARENESS can make your BRAIN your SERVANT otherwise it will occupy the position of MASTER and you will be ruined.

In addition to this most important tool of AWARENESS, I use another tool to supplement the first one, i. e I start chanting,  “A MANTRA” inside, whenever I find my BRAIN engaged in useless high energy-consuming activities. As soon as I start my VEDIC MANTRA it comes back immediately and I can move fearlessly in the direction of my desire.

I got this tool from my great ideal in my life and he is none else than my great spiritual father. He gave me this tool in the very early age of 5 – 6 years, It was when he used to sit for morning prayers he always held me in his lap and start chanting his prayers while rolling the beads of Rudraksha Mala. I got a great treasure of spirituality in my early age from him and even when I had to come late from my school in Sarangani and sometimes when I get late in coming home and had to cross through, my way passing through grave-yards and mortuaries situated on the river-bed, my BRAIN acting in accordance to the already stored information about the fact that the specter or ghosts of those people who died and bodies put to fire will appear at night in the shape of lighting lamps. And also that the ghosts will dance and make horrible sounds. So after having this idea, I start seeing lamps and lights at different places around the burials and mortuaries and hearing sounds of ghosts as it was a time when there were no mobiles with night torch and it was all dark paths. I frequently used to look back and felt many times that someone is following me and can attack me from behind in the dark. It was horrible drama in my mind for moments but the next moment when I tie a strap of AWARENESS and start chanting my MANTRA, everything will disappear in seconds and I start walking faster on my dark path to home.  I have experienced these kinds of occurrences many times during my school times in adolescence so I have a complete idea of how this FOOLISH SERVANT turned MASTER, acts and turn us into psychiatry patient.

comparision of human brain and dog

So my present article is based on my personal life is presented here so that everyone could develop high order AWARENESS and also start adopting certain Vedic practices in life to catch stronghold of this naughty SERVANT turned MASTER.

Moreover, we must return back to our ancient philosophy of keeping pet dogs with the purpose of watch and ward of family and house and yes it should be treated well, nourished well, nurtured well but not allow it to take over the role of MASTER as like the pet dogs of the modern era who have taken over the role of MASTER

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