We are solo traveler, landed as a matter of chance on this beautiful planet, EARTH and it is not that it was our choice to land here but all happened according to the wish of that ALMIGHTY LORD. And it is evident that when the time of landing as a traveler here and starting our journey on this planet was not known to us similarly at that very point of time of landing, the point where our journey would terminate has also been fixed by the ALMIGHTY. It was not in our hands and only that unknown and un-seen POWER has carefully marked the points of Origin and last Terminal of our journey on this beautiful planet. On reaching the last terminal after completion of our journey we will have to back-pack and proceed ahead without a fraction of second to look back on the path that we traveled throughout for many years.

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The modern science made un-precedented progress and helped human beings to land on Moon’s crust and carrying out many experiments and making new revelations each day about the presence of many infinite numbers of galaxies in space could not conclude yet, as to why we are born and when we will die. The modern science has also by carrying out tiring experiments, toiling expeditions for many days and nights together has gained an authority to reach a logical conclusion about the behavior and many other facts of the human being by the study of DNA, RNA, but even DNA present in the human body could not determine the date and time of our deaths. Suddenly, sometimes in the future every one of us will reach that terminal and I am sure we won’t be able to say GOODBYE to our dear ones. Now seriously think about that situation. HORRIBLE!!! Isn’t that?? The one fantastic thing about this is that we are not aware of how far is our final destination of life journey. Amazing!!! Why the LORD has not put milestones on the road of our life? This seems to be big cruelty towards the human race by the Lord Almighty. No idea, no distance is mentioned as to how far we have traveled and how much journey is left to reach the destination.
So it is obvious that birth and death, two terminals of our journey on this planet are not mentioned but yes, we become aware of the initial terminal of our journey un-aware of the END point on the other side.

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Then what is in our control? The quality of the journey between two points, birth and death depend on the thought process and karma that we perform on this planet. Only this much, has been left to us by the LORD ALMIGHTY. What we expect from our life, passion, exuberance, compassion, discipline, commitment, honesty, determination, pain, pleasure, all depends on our “KARMA” here.
But the cause of concern is why, then, most of the people i. e. large number on this earth are struck into a mess and lead the life journey full of sorrows and miseries. Just think over this issue and why the people go back after having the worst experience of his journey on this planet.
After my observation and study of facts, now I am practicing and living every minute with an idea, “I will die someday and death is lovey goal of my life”. The idea of living with death or keeping me aware of death at all times is an awesome and amazing idea. My life has started experiencing many changes, though small in the beginning I am sure the magnitude and force are severe and would increase multifold. Although it is really difficult but once I will become adapted to death awareness habits, it will become part of my breathing process. But yes this small idea of living with death has started doing wonders in my life.
It is giving me joy all the times, I wish to enjoy life every moment, I want to live fully and with complete expansion without fear of death, I have become punctual and the habit of procrastination has slowly started diminishing, started loving myself, worries have started disappearing slowly, no more heap of sorrows exist now, no miseries, anonymous power has started appearing within me. I eat with joy, can drink joyfully, breathe well, and can do my every work with more enthusiasm and efficiency.
While living with I could develop a different outlook towards my life and only one thing persists in my mind all the time, i. e living to the fullest potential and utilizing my time most effective manner. It has created a sense of love and respect towards every creature or living beings surrounding me.

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So living with an awareness that I WILL DIE SOON and MY JOURNEY ON THIS PLANET WOULD COME TO AN END ONE DAY, guides me every time, at every step, and the joy of living multiplies every second. It stops me from creating negative ideas about other fellow beings, it stops me from hurting anyone, and makes me understand the value of my JOURNEY ON THIS PLANET.
LIVE Like today is your last day and find a tremendous change in your life within the shortest span of time….

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