It is the most difficult task for any human being to travel out of the pre-defined boundaries that we erected so huge around us that we never even think of looking outside these huge walls surrounding us. These walls or boundaries are so much dear to us that we try to live and cherish every moment of life here. 

Unaware of outside world we take birth and take last breath here.  Not this much only, if someone comes and tries to take us out of it by telling the tales of fantasies and rocking joy outside, we immediately push him back and runs away from him.

Do you know when we erected these tough walls around us ? It happened when we landed on this planet  as an infant when our mind was a raw element and was in process to take the present shape. It slowly started registering the events and incidents taking place in surroundings and brain accepted it in the form of neuro-pathways. Our brain at that time was raw like a large fertile field where the seeds of different ideas were being sown.

And one interesting fact that I wish to tell here for your knowledge that our the “ CONSCIOUS “ state of our mind was not much active that time. Only SUB-CONSCIOUS part was active and I may tell you that whatever is registered in sub-conscious mind when we were infant is difficult to do away with.  In that very stage when we were only receiver of the information in our raw, sub-conscious mind, we were not in a position to reject anything entering our brain, the only option was to accept and store it inside.

So those bricks of thoughts or events one by one kept pouring into our brain and created many structures and finally took the shape of high concrete mounted walls by the time our conscious mind also became active and started operating on the basis of back-end stored information. So whatever order our conscious mind receives from outside or anywhere through our sense organs or otherwise input devices, it retrieves the available action from the sub-conscious or server for that matter, processes it and presents before us for further action. This science is really interesting and fabulous and after practicing these ideas and thoughts we, in the present form came into being. Our personality developed in this process and took the present shape.

It is now difficult to take any action which does not correspond with the information already stored inside. Now when the conscious mind is active excessively, the sub-conscious mind does not register new ideas or actions with that ease. The ideas or thoughts registered in sub-conscious can not be over-ruled easily in day to day life. Sometimes in case we try hard and get away from the ideas or thoughts stored in sub-conscious, it ends into deep pains and can be disastrous.

It is true that we reached the present level of development with the help of those thoughts and ideas but if we wish to achieve greater heights further in life , then we must divorce to these ideas and thoughts or we need to expand ourselves and liberate from these high concrete mounted protection walls. But again, is it easy to break and liberate ourselves from this imprisonment? No, it is not.

Some of the examples of these boundaries set when we were innocent kids with empty brain are …image which contains man on bed

Cut your dress according to your cloth or in other words “ Jitni chadar ho utne paaon pasaro”

This means limit yourself as much as you can. Why it was not taught that buy cloth of the size where you can cut your dress as much as required. It also has meaning that , one should not live beyond one’s means “ . Again why the means can’t be expanded and live fully?

Don’t dream so big as dreams are dreams and cant come true or in other words, “ Jyada bade sapne mat dekho kyunki sapne to sapne hote hai kabhi sach nahi hote”.

Image which contains photo of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam and quote

How rubbishly our sub-conscious has been programmed? Why cant we see our success in dreams? Why cant we visualize?  Developing and identifying our dreams and developing thoughts and plans and then taking subsequent actions can make us to reach those dreams in reality. These facts are scientifically proven and we know the fact when our Hon’ble PM occupied the seat of PM, a press conference was held. One of the journalists asked our hon’ble PM as how he was feeling while sitting in PM’s Chair for the first time. The reply of our hon’ble PM was heart touching. Do you remember what he said? He respectfully replied that it is only for you that I am sitting on PM’s chair for the first time, but for me its not something new, I already have sat on this chair many times before.

Can you just think over what he has said? This means that he was dreaming of occupying that chair as PM of the country since long and visualised sitting in that chair many times. So then why our sub-conscious so badly treated and fed with wrong information? Can’t we dream, can’t we visualise?

There are many such paradigms that our life revolves around. These paradigms have taken the shape of comforts and it is now really difficult to move away.

But breaking of these boundaries is as important  as living a life because without liberating ourselves from this prison we just cant dream of something higher in life.  For the purpose of breaking these boundaries we need to be brave and must move ahead without looking back even once and focus our whole energy over the goal that we have dreamt of . We need to visualise repeatedly and set ourselves on the path of liberation forgetting the pains and fear.

In the beginning we need to start with small changes and start the process of expansion and liberation and at the same time we must monitor every event carefully. Right from leaving your bed early in the morning to starting the habit of reading books and writing, you must be cautious that you are not falling back within the comfort of those boundaries. You must watch the process of change. Start refusing to your brain whenever he asks something regarding taking you away from the process of change.

Once you complete a specific period while practicing new things in your life, it will become the part of your life and get registered in the sub-conscious mind. At this stage your mind will not object to these new practices and your previously set boundaries will expand to accommodate new habits or practices. The change will start taking place and you will start rising above the present level, that may be spiritual quest, your financial status, social status or whatever your goal or dream may be. 

 Wish You Early Expansion and Breaking of Deadly Boundaries those are not allowing you to Progress in your life.

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