How beautiful is this universe and how beautiful is “YOU” within you? Are you born on this beautiful planet with your choice or chance? And you with your choice opted the country, state, and place, and even parents? Why didn’t you opt Switzerland or Florida or New-York or Paris as the place of your birth? Any reason for you choosing India or Pakistan or the place where you are surviving in present times?   Why didn’t you choose Donald Trump, Mukesh Ambani, or Amitabh Bachan as your father? Madam Jaya Bachan could be your sweet mom for that matter. Can you throw little light on the fact that you dint choose Sachin Tendulkar as your sibling? Quite interesting, isn’t it? Your all choices are bad and that’s the only reason that you are suffering, suffering, and suffering all the time till your present age, isn’t that true? Yes or no. Why your all choices had been so disgusting that you took birth at the place where there exist miseries all around. You chose poor people as parents those belonged to lower social status, you chose a man as your father whose lifestyle is not up to mark in your eyes and he is not able to fulfill your basic financial and life-style needs whereas, your friend’s father is taking good care of his children and that your friend lives a better lifestyle in comparison to that of yours.  

Then how did you choose your school, just travel back to those days when you were admitted to the school? Was that school of your choice? Did you go to a college of your choice? Yes or no. Did you choose your stream for pursuing your degree course yourself? Are you practicing the profession of your choice, ask your inner-self, and respond to this question. According to a study by a renowned international university, only 15% of people are satisfied with the profession that they are practicing, rest are not satisfied. If this much huge chunk of people is not satisfied with what they are doing then can they perform optimally? I believe that answer is a big NO. In case anybody is not performing up to the optimum level of his potential, will he be able to live life fully? Again No. And now you can create a data bank on what are the things happening in your life are decided by you and what are the things that are not in your control.

Let me dig little more and wish to ask you, my dear friend, whether your brain is working in accordance with what you ask it to do…???

Again your answer may be “Big NO”. Because your brain is working on the complex socio-psychological system that you have received as a legacy from your parents’ relatives and eco-system that surrounded you right from the time of your birth till you passed out from school.

Few more questions for you my dear……

Can you control the air that you are breathing in and out?  Can you create the water yourself which is one of the most important elements of life on this planet? Can you produce the grains that are important for making us live in some way other than one prescribed by nature?? Can you control your digestive system? Can you stop your age from growing daily? The answer is most obvious, No, No No, and No.

When the answer to all these questions is “NO” then what can you do to liberate yourself from the kind of huge miseries that you are passing through?

image which contains quote "beggers are not choosers"

It is a famous quote that “Beggars are not choosers”. And this is 100 % true in the case of human beings born on the earth. You can not change anything relating to you and your fellow beings. There is only one thing that you can change to some extent and that is your “Ownself” or the  “Thinking Process”. Your thinking only can change your destiny and consequently, the entire life set up would start changing automatically.

But, is changing your thinking process easy? No dear, not at all. It needs a proper plan reinforced with commitment and a strong desire to change. This is ever the toughest task to MOVE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE which you have developed over a long period.

So nothing happens in this universe without the wish of some unknown power popularly known as God. The Bhagavad Gita tells us to perform “KARMA” without the desire or worry of  “END RESULT”. Why Lord asks Arjuna to perform KARMA because nothing else is in the hands of human beings. And without KARMA, sheer THOUGHT is useless and yields nothing. If you just stay in a room and make big plans and evolve great ideas but do not perform an action according to your thought or plan in your mind, nothing would happen and your destiny would never change. Just by praying, reading great books, listening to great preaching, and other things, no destiny will change.

                                So in the series of my articles here, I will do my best to make you understand how the process of change will occur in our lives step by step and success in life would start coming closer to us……

Please stay tuned for coming series of change of destiny which is not a theory but a practical series of events that occurred in my own life and I am reproducing the same here in the form of articles…



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