Present Generation and Traditional Vedic Values

Present Generation and Traditional Vedic Values

Hey.. Mr. Are You crazy??? How you thought of carrying out this Hawan at home and who guides you for all this?

Did you ask me before deciding all the nonsense that you have decided to do here? She shouted on me with rage of anger. Papa, how can you be so old fashioned in the present era of high technology, questioned my 9 year old child calmly, my another friend told me as why he could not perform , Hawan… How CORONA can be treated with the breath stopping fumes of HAWAN?

These all are old, obsolete and un-scientific practices which the old people believed but now present era is different Papa.. I insisted on my agenda and tried to make them understand the scientific groundings of HAWAN on the basis of many researches and tried to quote names of few Universities and Institutions which carried out experiments on process of HAWAN and its benefits including after-effects on Humanity, environment, crops, soil and living organisms.

Ohh Godd….. she again shouted bringing her mouth closer to my ears, asking me, are you going to spoil the costly tiles and recently decorated high quality wall papers ? 

My son, just holding my arm from the side explained to me, Papa , I cant sustain the foul smoky smell and I will fall sick , please Papa leave this non-sense idea of performing Hawan at home … Nobody do all these hell things nowadays Papa !!! I was just speechless and even breathless for moment.

I went into my room and tears slid down my cheeks within seconds and I was just thoughtless for about 5 minutes. My mind became empty and stopped like a wall-clock with a dead battery for long.

Then, to my extreme shock she came and picked up the bags carrying my HAWAN Samagri and Samidha and threw it in the corner of an old store room. I got up, moved out and went to the open terrace with heavy heart.


Are you people curious and thinking that what crazy things, without a clue, am I talking to you here?

Ok hold your breath and don’t think much as this is a recent story of 21st March when entire nation was about to experience a new event, “JANTA CURFEW”, preceding complete LOCK-DOWN imposed to arrest spread of COVID-19 on 25th March.

Let me explain this horrifying and rather disgusting incident to you briefly and remember, I am going to bring out this piece of write-up after obtaining the permission of all my friends those are heroes of this trailer, haha, it’s obvious that I am not quoting their names  

Hon’ble Prime Minister appealed Indian Masses to observe complete CURFEW on 22nd March 2020 in view of un-warranted fast spread of COVID-19 and almost 90 percent population of this great country was obviously in shock.

Whatsapp Group:

We are 17 friends in a whats-app group and the important feature of this group is 1) all are highly placed and well educated people.

A few are Army Officers, others are ICAR scientists, business persons, retired All India Service Officer, Engineers, Professors. 2) Most of the group members are from out of HP and are from different parts of the country. As usual we also discussed in group to decide a strategy about 22nd and many suggestions came from all.

Can Hawan kill Virus and Bacteria?

After marathon discussion one of our friend, an ICAR scientist from Chennai suggested to fight CORONA in Vedic way and suggested to all to perform HAWAN for purification of home, environment and thought process and he said that HAWAN has power to drive all viruses and Bacteria away. 

He quoted many references of research findings by different organisations and established a scientific basis of benefits of HAWAN in our shallow minds. Finally we all agreed and even the mixture (Samagri) and Samidha and time was also decided.

In the evening of 21st March, one of the friend who was supposed to coordinate, asked in a group as how many had bought the different items for HAWAN and all said seriously that they have arranged everything barring 2 friends who said they were busy but will try to arrange the same. Then issue of Pandit ji also came up for discussion as who will conduct all the process and recite appropriate Mantras. It was also solved by one of our traditional Pandit family friend that everyone will chant Mantra themselves with family and suggested 3 small Mantras. So all was set and we went to bed after finalizing everything and it was decided that HAWAN will start at 7.10 am in the morning of 22nd March.

Day of Janta Curfew: 22March 2020

We got up and started the process with all family members and finished nicely at 10.30 am. I can tell you it was mind-blowing event and the positive energy that we received is not describable in words. We just forgot the threat of CORONA and Boredom of Janta Curfew that was causing stress in our minds.


After concluding the whole process I checked my mobile and saw the group activity. Oh My God, I found from the discussion in the group that our 5 friends were still sleeping, hahahaha…  Can you imagine that this can happen and rather someone committed and responsible person behave in this fashion? You must laugh louder. Come on laugh aloud. But believe me , it gave my heart intense pains. And this behaviour is s really astonishing, why? Because those 5 persons were big advocates of performing Hawan and till the last night they were all set and none of them ever denied a bit during discussions till the final decision. I further went down and read the messages and chat of group members, it was astonishing fact that 4 could not perform as their wives and kids dint allow it. Another set of 3 friends said “Fir Kar Lenge Yar Aj Mood Nhi Hua”.

So only 5, out of group of 17 could complete the process of HAWAN as discussed for 2 days with firmness and deep commitment by each one of us.

Questions :

Now many questions arose and shook my mind deep inside, it was amazingly painful. A pain that travelled down and across my spine made me aware of TRAGEDY OF OUR LIFE. What type of life we are living??

How shallow are our thoughts gone? How poor we are in commitment to self? Where is our dedication gone? Are we capable of transferring, values to our next generation? Do our generation know about our Vedic Values? Do they know that these fool-proof practices are invented and put in use after in-depth and long researches by our ancestors?

So I am leaving these questions to you all here. I request you to please suggest what should be the answer to these questions…

My further articles will base on these topics of great values…. please keep me suggesting and I need your valuable comments.

Let us together build “A Community with Values” because my friends, a tree can’t remain healthy and standing upright for long if it is cut apart from its roots. 

Will our coming generations survive without the values that our ancestors or Rishis gave us through the high value scripts?

Thanks a lot !!


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